About Us

History + Overview

Our mountain has a rich and interesting history. In 1902 SAHA area was part of the infamous Yacolt Burn.  The fire started in Oregon and it spread across to the Washington side from windblown embers. The many giant tree stumps and fallen logs throughout the community are the remains of this devastating fire. The large trees you see now are the second growth.

Starting in 1937, this area was inhabited by “the goat lady”, Gladys Fulton. She owned 372 acres and raised goats! She had no electricity but if her car battery was charged she could communicate via her CB radio. She faced down rustlers and coyotes with her trusty shotgun and she was quoted saying, “Up here, I hear frogs. Down there, you hear motors. Up here, I smell fresh air, and down there, you smell gasoline.” Most of us feel the same.

Community Overview

Bordering our neighborhood of 95 lots is Logging Road 1000 (L-1000), which connects to L-1200. L-1200 drops into the Brush Prairie area. This road is an alternative exit for us and is also used by logging trucks and sports enthusiasts (dirt bikes, quads, bicycles, joggers). We recommend taking time to explore this road. Unfortunately, we also experience the occasional illegal fire arms shooting.